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Mobile Home Room Addition

Not everyone lives in a home or an apartment, mobile homes need room additions too. Even though you have a mobile home, by adding a room addition, it makes it much less expensive then having to spend a lot of money relocating. A main reason that you should consider a mobile home room addition is the fact that mobile homes are not as easy to sell as regular homes. Consulting with a home addition contractor about your mobile home room addition plans is an excellent way to calculate that having a mobile room addition will be a lot more economical than moving.

Mobile home room addition contractors Angeles National Forest and an expert mobile home room addition contractor Santa Barbara gives the following advice and things to keep into consideration when having a mobile home room addition plans.

Building Codes

Now that you're going forward with your room addition plans, you need to check the building codes in your county and city. A mobile home addition contractor will be able to assist you with all the paperwork and permits that are involved. Keep in mind, a mobile home room addition is much different from that of a regular home room addition.

Load and Structure Factors

Mobile homes were manufactured to be on the road so adding additional loads of weight can be very complicated. Have your home improvement contractor to take the appropriate measurements and calculate the weight of your mobile home.


One of the obvious things to consider is the foundation of your mobile home. It is crucial to remember that the foundation is separate from the mobile home and are not always the same height.

Technically, a mobile home room addition is not conjoined to the existing part of your home. In fact, your room addition and your mobile home more or less touch each other but are not connected. Mostly, the room and floor levels differ and it is better to have a split level effect to your mobile home room addition floor.

It sounds like a lot of work, but once all the necessary red tape is out of the way and you have found solutions for all the aforementioned, you'll be traveling in style in no time.

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